Belva Anakwenze is the Principal of Abacus Financial Business Management, a minority & female-owned boutique business management company in Los Angeles, California. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Los Angeles and hails as a proud Bruin.

In recent years, Anakwenze has been highlighted for her business acumen by several news outlets including The Los Angeles Times, and the nationally syndicated show The Insider, among many other sources. In 2012, Variety Magazine recognized her as a ‘Guardian of Hollywood Lives’ and in 2019 Variety Magazine recognized Belva again as ‘Business Manager Elite’.

Prior to starting Abacus, Anakwenze worked as a Financial Analyst for The Walt Disney Company, where she implemented new account reconciliation practices saving analysts 10 man-hours per account. Belva has also worked as an auditor for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

In partnership with local companies, Anakwenze teaches Financial Management courses to promote fiscal responsibility in communities throughout Southern California. Belva is a native of Los Angeles, California where she currently resides with her husband, their children, and their dog Zara.

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