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You can’t let your financial affairs run on autopilot and expect good results. The ever-changing landscape of the world forces us to adapt and change with financial systems and forecasts. In order to stay effective in business, you have to constantly evolve. As you and your business grow, our services grow with you, so we can address all of your changing financial and operational needs.

Abacus Financial is committed to thinking outside the box with innovation. Our specialty is creating financial success for each of our clients by initiating a collaborative culture with you; giving you confidence in our business management work. We’re passionate about our purpose and want to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Abacus Financial takes a comprehensive approach to manage all of your financial affairs.


Abacus Financial offers expert tax preparation and planning to reduce tax liability and penalties while working closely with clients to identify new tax benefits.


Abacus Financial offers Virtual CFO services to inform your financial decisions, so you aren’t distracted by unnecessary activities that stop you from focusing on your craft.



  • Guide you from where you are to where you want to be financially
  • Provide viable solutions for your brand and profit growth
  • Design a customized plan for obtaining financial gains
  • Strategize with you to make informed financial decisions
  • Identify the steps needed to maximize your investments
  • Maintain practices to help you stay in control of your financial affairs

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Why You Should Choose

Abacus Financial:

  • We create scalable financial systems allowing you to grow your business
  • Our fully qualified team takes care of your business financial needs
  • We serve as direct liaison with third parties, significantly reducing the number of phone calls and emails in your busy schedule
  • We specialize in virtual CFO services, giving you senior financial expertise